Ajuinlei1 announces an ecosystem around “Connected Living” and welcomes AllThingsTalk, a Belgium IoT Startup company

GENT, Belgium, January 23, 2015 – After the release of the “Connected Living” concept in December 2014, serial entrepreneur Chris Raman today announces the next phase, a “Connected Living” ecosystem. Connected Living describes a world in which consumers use many different devices to experience compelling new services that integrate video, voice, and data services to provide access and ubiquitous computing anytime and anywhere.

“The goal of Ajuinlei1 is to lift the collaboration 3.0 to the next level by enabling interaction between Classic Enterprises , startups and the creative sector” says Chris Raman. “But we also provide access to invaluable contacts, because over the past years this place dealt a lot with new technologies .” Chris Raman added. “One of the biggest values anyone gets out of this place is an own eco-net of partnerships for their business, provided one has the will to share his own experience too.”

Connected Living would be the first “European reference” which contains three important aspects of connected home, connected city, and connected work.

AllThingsTalk is a first in series startups that joins the “Connected Living” initiative and will contribute in creating an “IoT Startup Incubator” for the new Digital World (3.0)

AllThingsTalk Open IoT Stack and IoT-Rapid Prototyping solution will help in achieving this goal. The IoT Methodology, initiated by Tom Collins from AllThingsTalk, will be applied in the IoT Startup Incubator. The IoT Methodology is an open source initiative, backed by experts which contribute each on their domain.

"Although ‘The Internet of Things’ drives innovation and collaboration, it’s first of all about new business models that arise from creative people who want build a sustainable economy and make a better world for all of us and the ‘Connected Living’ project shares this vision”,  says Peter Leemans

The "IoT Startup incubator" facilitates fast growing “Internet of Things” companies to boost their time to market and profitability in Europe, in breaking down barriers for growth. Essential business services, interaction with appropriate audiences, valuable market knowledge and access to potential European channels are available for both our residential or virtual clients.

During the launch period we offer the IoT startups exclusively a promotion of €285 for a co-working space. The fee covers fully serviced office rent, with optional marketing resources, staffing services, tax and legal advice, secretarial services, office amenities and a host of other necessities involved in running a business in Europe.

People who are interested in applying or want to know more about the IoT Startup Incubator can contact us by mail: [email protected] or by phone: +32 9 269 52 11

About Ajuinlei1 BVBA

Ajuinlei1, the premier IoT “Connected Living” incubator partner comprises of a renovated, mid-19th century neo-classical corner mansion, developed to a contemporary office standard and tastefully combining old-world elegance with modern technology, producing a quite unique environment that is conducive to both creativity and productivity. A productive and unique environment will help many IoT entrepreneurs, designers, artists, game makers, storytellers,… work together in an inspiring meeting place for startups and growth companies!

For more information visit www.ajuinlei1.be

About AllThingsTalk

AllThingsTalk is an innovative Belgian company active in the new digital world where business are providing connected products and services to the market. This creates new business models for organizations, industry and government.

This is achieved through an open and scalable Internet of Things platform where cyber, social and physical worlds are brought together for the products and services of tomorrow.

For more information visit www.allthingstalk.com


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In the professional development of Volstok, Ajuinlei1 has been indispensable, like a solid bridge between start-up and growth, necessary breathing space before you are thrown in at the deep end.
Wouter Sel, Volstok
foto van Rombaut Valentijn en Joris
For RMBT, Ajuinlei 1 was an entry into the world of entrepreneurship. Here we were able to shape our creative ideas.
Joris & Valentijn Rombaut, Rombaut bvba
foto van Jochen Boeykens
Ajuinlei is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Throughout your career you always bump into people who started here.
Jochen Boeykens, ZoekAdvocaat.be