Growth atelier

Ajuinlei1 also uses the Growth atelier, a learning centre for start-ups and growth companies. Here you can be inspired by a wide range of seminars, workshops and matchmaking events. You can also network with people of other companies.

The seminars are given by independent experts. The workshops are in-depth courses by an expert in the field. The groups are small, which makes the workshops very interactive and full of exercises.

foto van Jochen Boeykens
Ajuinlei is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Throughout your career you always bump into people who started here.
Jochen Boeykens,
In the professional development of Volstok, Ajuinlei1 has been indispensable, like a solid bridge between start-up and growth, necessary breathing space before you are thrown in at the deep end.
Wouter Sel, Volstok
foto van Rombaut Valentijn en Joris
For RMBT, Ajuinlei 1 was an entry into the world of entrepreneurship. Here we were able to shape our creative ideas.
Joris & Valentijn Rombaut, Rombaut bvba