In residence coaches

In addition to our residential coaches, our in-residence coaches are also on hand. Every coach has his own additional speciality and is, usually by specific request, regularly at the business centre. You can meet with them by appointment.

  • foto van Alexander Van De Rostyne

    Alexander Van de Rostyne

    When the delusions of the day have tempered, the hunger for tomorrow needs awakening, the objective of the day after tomorrow needs to be achieved, unforgiving in terms of the requirements in terms of person and action, and all this without taking ourselves too seriously! 

  • foto van Bart De Waele

    Bart De Waele

    Bart De Waele established (together with others) a number of companies in the digital sector: Netlash/Wijs, Talking Heads, Metatale,, Custmz, Ncube, Darwin Analytics… Some were a success, others weren't. He is now trying to pass on his experience in the ecosystem of Heaven Can Wait. He now also shares all this experience, in combination with his know-how about digital marketing and communication, at Ajuinlei1.

  • Bart Vandesompele

    Bart Vandesompele is the general director of Film Fest Gent, the largest film festival in Belgium and the largest festival in Ghent. Before he was communication director with the GSM-operator BASE, known as a challenger of established values and telecom market leaders. His knowledge and experience of the importance to make the difference in existing organisations can inspire both young and experienced entrepreneurs. Or as Einstein once said: 'the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things over and over again and expect a different result.'

  • foto van Bruno Desmet

    Bruno Desmet

    Bruno Desmet works at The House Of Sales. This company helps customers convert their commercial assets into cash as efficiently as possible. Particularly companies with a sales culture invest more than ever in improving their sales organisation, the engine of growth.


  • foto van Bryan Cassady

    Bryan Cassady

    Bryan Cassady has set up 8 companies in 5 different countries. He is driven by the challenge of new business initiatives. He loves working with start-ups to become profitable businesses. He is also a lecturer (New Product Marketing ( KU Leuven), Innovation (Solvay)) and coach ( Iminds, Founders Institute, Fast Track Flanders, ACE.) He has set up and is the managing director of Fast Bridge Consulting. 

  • Dirk Vanwalle

    Dirk Vanwalle is an impassioned self-employed SME entrepreneur, civil engineer and senior CEO in about ten (family) businesses which he took over, resold or wound up over the last 30 years. He is specialised in start-ups or companies in trouble or experiencing growth problems. He departs from a strategic (marketing) plan, a (simple) 'direct' cost price structure and the establishment of (conclusion oriented) industrial score cards, not for the accountant, but for the management, the entrepreneur and the Board of Directors. His motto: 'experience & ‘action’… I am not afraid to put my advice into practice!'

  • foto van Dirk Vyncke

    Dirk Vyncke

    Dirk Vyncke chiefly wants to help find an answer to the question: 'Why be an entrepreneur?!' Dirk would like us all to be globally connected and he wants to support and underline this in order to thus achieve this global solidarity together. His experience lies in the energy sector and he also wants to share his general interests (family, global, entrepreneurship) with young start-ups or entrepreneurs. 

  • foto van Frederic Jouret

    Frédéric Jouret

    Frédéric developed considerable experience on the level of general management and financing in both industry and service companies. He also provides support, both as an independent administrator and investor, to small growing companies (all sectors) and gives advice to companies in trouble or in a turnaround phase, to find capital and funding.

  • Hilde Ampe

    Hilde Ampe works as a business coach on personal leadership and growth. She is always looking for the human person in the entrepreneur. An enterprise grows with a team of enthusiastic and motivated people who share passion, vision and mission. She wants to pass on “coaching” as a management tool and a component of personal leadership. 

  • Ingrid De Clercq

    Ingrid De Clercq is co-founder of Congaz, which focuses on the human aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.  How to build up a start-up team?  How to ensure that collaboration with widely differing characters remains an absolute advantage instead of a problem?  How to strengthen the start-up culture?  How to quarrel in a "constructive" way?  Congaz supports start-ups in these matters, not with big theories, but with concrete advice.  

  • foto van Jan Picavet

    Jan Picavet

    Jan Picavet has extensive commercial and managerial experience as a CEO and entrepreneur and often faces the problem of funding growth processes, developing and marketing technology, chiefly in an IT-Telecom product and services sector and within a European context.

  • foto van Johan Dhaeseleer

    Johan D'Haeseleer

    Johan D’Haeseleer is one of the best-known time management experts in Belgium. Since 2004 he has shown knowledge workers how they can be more productive, earn more, and thus achieve more results in less time. He started in 2009 as a full-time entrepreneur to promote ExtraTijd in Flanders and the Netherlands and beyond.

  • foto van Jurgen Heyman

    Jurgen Heyman

    Are you successful at finding customers outside your network and your team's network? Can you break through the glass ceiling? Hiring a sales team, but also making this team successful. Synchronise sales, marketing and development with the market. How does your company create value for your customers? Turn sales into a recurrent process. 

  • foto van Leo Boiy

    Leo Boiy

    Leo Boiy worked in various companies (IBM, Ford, Agfa and GE), in an international context and with a technical and MBA background. This has made him an expert in project management, research, budget management, marketing and product development, production and general management. He will gladly exchange and share this know-how with (young) enthusiastic entrepreneurs who want to achieve something in society. 


  • foto van Leo Borms

    Leo Borms

    Leo Borms combines three life-long passions: the art of baking biscuits, a sharp commercial insight and a passion for inspiring people to lead their ventures.  He runs his own company with a strong loyalty to his personal mission : to lead by example with respect and empathy and to collaborate with people in a positive, inspiring manner in order to create a win-win situation for people and organizations. 

  • foto van Leo Exter

    Leo Exter

    Leo Exter’s specialty is marketing strategy and tactics for early-stage companies. He takes up issues  as  'How to best allocate a limited budget?', 'How to get the most out of your marketing efforts and money?' and 'How to get good at PR, social media and other tools quickly.'

  • foto van Marie Martens

    Marie Martens

    Marie Martens gained invaluable experience at leading communication companies, across EMEA and North America. She is driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and focuses her passion for marketing and branding on helping start-ups grow to their full potential. Now she is the founder of Twist Consulting.  

  • foto van Patrick De Groote

    Patrick De Groote

    Patrick De Groote has more than 40 years of experience in operating, optimising and developing small, medium-sized and major (listed) companies. In an international context and with a solid network, today he acts as coach and sounding board of the executive management and the Board of Directors. He has a critical-constructive mind-set, he is not afraid of innovative challenges, he is enthusiastic and stimulates people. Values such as competence of the people involved and fairness are key.

  • foto van Philippe Van Cauteren

    Philippe Vancauteren

    Philippe Vancauteren is the artistic director of a museum and is in contact with artists every day. He taught them to think differently and to take a broader view and the artists forced him to view the city and the museum differently. His experience with artists is something start-ups and young entrepreneurs can most definitely learn from. 

  • foto van Serge Van Haverbeke

    Serge Vanhaverbeke

    Serge Vanhaverbeke points out unused opportunities to companies in a realistic way. The result is stable growth, a competitive advantage and profit. He is at home in the following fields: business strategy, marketing, sales and organisation. What fields does he knowingly stay away from? Pure HRM (salary/payroll strategy), legal and financial (merely knowing the 'space/boundaries’ suffices).

  • foto van Wiliam Stevens

    William Stevens

    William Stevens is able to help young entrepreneurs establish pan-European contacts, more specifically with investors. He also helps to evaluate the European potential of the business. 

foto van Rombaut Valentijn en Joris
For RMBT, Ajuinlei 1 was an entry into the world of entrepreneurship. Here we were able to shape our creative ideas.
Joris & Valentijn Rombaut, Rombaut bvba
In the professional development of Volstok, Ajuinlei1 has been indispensable, like a solid bridge between start-up and growth, necessary breathing space before you are thrown in at the deep end.
Wouter Sel, Volstok
foto van Jochen Boeykens
Ajuinlei is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Throughout your career you always bump into people who started here.
Jochen Boeykens,