Residential coaches

Our residential coaches will answer all your questions about entrepreneurship. One coach at least is always in the business centre. They will gladly share their wide ranging experience.

They also maintain a broad network of 'in residence' coaches and other specialists in various fields. If you have a specific question or a problem, we can put you in touch with the right person who will help you.

  • Chris Raman

    Chris Raman

    Chris is the driving force of the Ajuinlei1 concept and has decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur. He has personally experienced most growth bottlenecks during the lifetime of a company. He will help you with all your questions about entrepreneurship. If he does not know the answer, he can refer you to the right person in his extensive network.

    Talk to him about new ideas, new products, new services and how to successfully market them. But above all he is a ‘family business adviser’: he mediates company transfers and take-overs, and raises growth-capital for B2B companies with growth potential.

    And also: he enjoys learning from other people's experiences.

  • foto guy louis

    Guy Louis

    Guy has been active in the management business for about 20 years. He was Chief Solutions Officer at BarcoVision, Customer Services Manager at Ingres in Belgium, and Client Services Director at Powersoft. He also gained valuable experience as Chief Solutions Officer and co-founder of Expert Eyes, and was on the board of directors of both Expert Eyes and Gorilla Park.

    Guy is active as Professional Service Director at GPXS.

  • foto van Nico Vande Kerckhove

    Nico Vande Kerckhove

    Nico Vande Kerckhove assists start-ups in their contacts with various financial stakeholders (investors, financial partners, authorities, banks,...). He assists in the financial analysis of the accounting department (cost reduction, margin monitoring,...). Nico also provides support or gives a second opinion with regard to the financial part of your business plan. He also provides general management advice. 

  • foto van Paul Claes

    Paul Claes

    Paul Claes offers his knowledge and experience to: help draw up a business plan, work out a strategy, provide coaching and assistance with the start-up, set up the framework (staff, coaches, strategic contacts,… ), gather resources (banks, investors, suppliers,…), follow up and adjust the pathway. 

  • foto van Philip Vermeulen

    Philip Vermeulen

    Philip is very experienced in the world of venture capital and growth companies in a national and international perspective.

    He is a generalist who thinks along with you under the motto of ‘the passion of the CEO/Entrepreneur, but not the glory’, and assists in many critical phases that companies and entrepreneurs go through.

foto van Rombaut Valentijn en Joris
For RMBT, Ajuinlei 1 was an entry into the world of entrepreneurship. Here we were able to shape our creative ideas.
Joris & Valentijn Rombaut, Rombaut bvba
In the professional development of Volstok, Ajuinlei1 has been indispensable, like a solid bridge between start-up and growth, necessary breathing space before you are thrown in at the deep end.
Wouter Sel, Volstok
foto van Jochen Boeykens
Ajuinlei is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Throughout your career you always bump into people who started here.
Jochen Boeykens,