• foto van André Dan

    André Dan

    André Dan, 56, based in Paris, France, gained experience as a Manager, Consultant and Board member in many B2B companies of USA, France/Europe, and Israel. Since 2002 he is a recognized European expert in Networking, and Social Networking since 2006. André evangelizes as a speaker and a coach, and wrote books on how to use LinkedIn and Viadeo. His main partners are the Chambers of Commerce and Business networks. André Dan holds an Executive MBA from HEC-Paris (1994) and became IT Engineer from Supinfo-Paris (1983).

  • foto van Bruno Desmet

    Bruno Desmet

    Bruno Desmet works at The House Of Sales. This company helps customers convert their commercial assets into cash as efficiently as possible. Particularly companies with a sales culture invest more than ever in improving their sales organisation, the engine of growth.

  • foto van Frank Maene

    Frank Maene

    Frank Maene has been working with software startups for the past 25 years, both as investor, coach and executive.

    Frank currently sits on the board of Awingu, BitSensor, VAMP, Sentiance, SweepBright and Qualifio.

    Prior to Volta Ventures, he was a managing partner at Hummingbird Ventures and Big Bang Ventures.

    Notable transactions include exits to Western Digital (Amplidata), Clarabridge (Engagor), SUN (Qlayer) and Symantec (DCT).

    Currently focusing on startups with HQ’s in the Benelux, he has operational experience in Silicon Valley and Turkey.

    Frank is a regular keynote speaker, startup competition jury member and an Executive in Residence at the Vlerick Business School.

    Frank holds Master's degrees in Applied Economics and Accountancy from the University of Gent / Vlerick, Belgium.

  • Foto Frans De Groot

    Frans De Groot

    Frans De Groot is the founder of the Bitsing method and owner of BiTS in Business in Amsterdam. He teaches Bitsing at the Radboud Universiteit and various colleges. De Groot spent twenty years on the development of his method, that can reach  breathtaking results in practice.

  • foto van Jurgen Heyman

    Jurgen Heyman

    Jurgen Heyman is Corporate Vice President of Sales Performance International and Managing Director for Sales Performance International Europe. Jurgen Heyman runs an operation that is represented in 50 countries.  He joined SPI for the first time in 1991 in order to establish its European Operations. He has worked with major SPI customers that deployed the Solution Selling® methodology in their European operations. That’s where Jurgen built up his expertise in Sales Process Methodology and Sales Transformation. He has engaged with organizations such as EDS, IBM, Hyperion Solutions …

    In a second phase of his career Jurgen Heyman has initiated several business in the technology arena. One has been publically traded and has been acquired by one of the leading technology vendors afterwards. He was also engaged in running large technology services organizations with international operations.

    Jurgen Heyman has rejoined Sales Performance International as Corporate Vice President and is expanding the organization structurally in the EMEA region and is a shareholder and member of Sales Performance International’s Executive Board.

    Jurgen Heyman has interesting experiences in how organizations drive change in their sales teams. He can address the demystification of sales functions and address how sales is evolving into a science rather than an art. His wide experience with Sales Performance International’s global customers bring interesting insights on how Sales Transformations happen (or not if a company does not have the courage to drive change throughout their teams). He is a thought leader on Sales 2.0 and how social media is driving the sales functions to be completely different.

    Jurgen holds a master in engineering and a master in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is guest lecturer at business schools and is invited to coach start-ups.

  • foto van Jurgen Ingels

    Jürgen Ingels

    Jürgen Ingels is the founder of Clear2Pay. Before founding Clear2Pay,  Jürgen worked as Senior Investment Manager with Dexia Ventures, the venture capital division of Dexia Bank, Belgium's largest commercial bank. Mr. Ingels's role at Dexia Bank was focused on investing in start-up companies, and taking a pro-active role in their business strategy, product launches and financial management. He represented Dexia Ventures on the boards of numerous companies. He is currently member of the board at NG Data NV, Projective NV, Citymesh NV, Itineris NV, Ribrain NV, Materialize NV and member of some of the audit committees.  In addition he participates in the Vinnof’s investment committee (Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen) and Sniper investment.Mr. Ingels holds a degree in political and social sciences, and an MBA from the University of Antwerp. He also has a postgraduate degree in corporate finance. 

  • Manu Luyten

    Coach and theatre-maker. Within the ‘Movimento dell'Arte’ I combine my entrepreneurial experience with my experience as a theatre-maker. I am driven by projects that are people-centered and that aim at learning, personal development and communication.

    I have confidence in the creating capacities of people and am convinced that a people-oriented approach can support both social and professional development.

  • foto van Martin De Prycker

    Martin De Prycker

    Martin was CEO of Barco between 2002 and 2009, focusing the company on visual display markets. Prior to that he was CTO and member of the Executive Committee of Alcatel-Lucent. Before ecoming CTO of Alcatel-Lucent, Martin was responsible for establishing Alcatel-Lucent’s worldwide market leadership in the broadband access market. Under Martin’s leadership, ADSL was transformed from a research project into a multi-billion dollar business for Alcatel-Lucent. Martin was CEO of Caliopa , a startup in silicon photonics between 2009 and 2013. He is currently managing partner of Qbic; an interuniversity seed and early stage fund  and he is a member of the board of directors of several companies, including Newtec, Anteryon, Track4C and Venture Spirit. Martin holds a Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, an M.Sc. in Electronics from the University of Ghent, as well as an MBA from the University of Antwerp.

  • foto van Chris en Martine

    Martine Ballegeer and Chris Van Roey

    Martine Ballegeer is co-founder of communication consulting agency PitchPoint. She has more than 20 years of experience in communication, marketing, supply management and sourcing at Mobistar and Apple Computer. 

    Chris Van Roey is CEO of UBA, the Union of Belgian Advertisers. He has 30 years of management experience with Mobistar, Apple Computer and Colruyt Group. He was Master Marketeer and Advertising Personality of the Year. 

  • foto van Matthieu Voet

    Matthieu Voet

    As founder of web agency Newance my passion is to optimise the online communication of your company so that (potential) customers will want to work with you. Determining your growth strategy and empathy with your website visitors (potential customers) is the essence. I have also been bitten by entrepreneurship, user-friendly websites and skateboarding. I intend to make many changes still.

  • foto van Patrick De Groote

    Patrick De Groote

    Patrick De Groote began his career in 1971 in the Energy and later in the Steel Industry sectors. He held senior management positions or was member of the Board  in several private and listed companies since 1978. In particular, he served as the CEO  of Zenitel Group (former SAIT-RadioHolland), as CEO of Koramic Industries, as CEO of Vitalo Group and as Vice President of ABB Service Worldwide. As member of the Board he served in more than 30 companies of different size, in various sectors,  private or listed.  Today he is Board member in  number of companies like Campine (listed on Euronext) and Legio International.

  • foto van Philip Vermeulen

    Philip Vermeulen

    Philip Vermeulen's first work experience was in 1979 as a banker at Chase Manhattan Bank Inc. in London (UK). Afterwards he worked for the same bank in Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent, where he was branch manager for East and West Flanders. In 1985 he became COO and CEO of Sidel Computer Center NV. In 1988 he joined GIMV NV - Belgium's principal venture capital provider - where he was one of the pioneers of 'early stage' venture capital on the Belgian market. In 1997 he switched to FLV Fund cva, where he was CEO until July 2001. In this last position he was actively involved as deal maker and Director in many IT companies in Europe, the USA and Asia.

    Between 1998 and 2001 Philip Vermeulen was director at E.V.C.A. (European Venture Capital Association), where he was also a member of the Technology Committee.

    Since 2002 he has been Executive Partner at Ventures4Growth cva where he is active in deal making, coaching and consulting of entrepreneurs and companies. Most clients are growth companies.

    Philip Vermeulen has a Master in Applied Economics (VLEKHO, Brussels - 1978) and an MBA of the Vlerick Management School in Ghent (1979).

    Philip is currently Director at Option NV (listed on the NYSE Euronext stock exchange), Dispack Projects NV, Drobots NV, Zapfi NV, and member of the Advice Board of, among others, Office DO NV, Favebucket Ltd. and Dink NV. He is also Chairman of the B.C.F.A. (Belgian Corporate Finance Association).


In the professional development of Volstok, Ajuinlei1 has been indispensable, like a solid bridge between start-up and growth, necessary breathing space before you are thrown in at the deep end.
Wouter Sel, Volstok
foto van Jochen Boeykens
Ajuinlei is a breeding ground for entrepreneurs. Throughout your career you always bump into people who started here.
Jochen Boeykens, ZoekAdvocaat.be
foto van Rombaut Valentijn en Joris
For RMBT, Ajuinlei 1 was an entry into the world of entrepreneurship. Here we were able to shape our creative ideas.
Joris & Valentijn Rombaut, Rombaut bvba